Meet the Writer behind the Words

    eBrTransparency Bloggin’ is my faith-child. She was borne from my experiences. Through her, I share my joy and pain, my triumphs and tragedies, and the wisdom of lessons learned. I invite you to learn from my mistakes. Reap a harvest of joy from my sown tears. Share the wealth of an invested life.   The objective of this ministry is to offer words to encourage, edify, exhort and enlighten everyday people through everyday experiences. Mine is not a Sabbath-only lifestyle. This is my way of expressing Christianity. Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Rain or shine, in my struggles and in my triumphs. All day, every day.   With every keystroke, word, sentence and paragraph, I know I am supported. Almost as much as the One who created me, the one who birthed me was my biggest fan. I dedicate each word to Tyna (Ernestine Brewer, by birth) and I write from the heart of Tyna’s Baby Girl.I share this because it was my mother who often spoke of my writing abilities as worthy of sharing with the world. She would constantly express her expectation that I would write a New York Times best seller. I didn’t believe in myself, as much as she did. Then, she died. Suddenly, I was alone and my earthly anchor had been hoisted away. In what felt like an instant, I accepted her belief in me. I wanted to accomplish all the things she said I should–and believed I would. I write for several reasons:

I write because I believe my ability to write well is a gift from God. I write because I believe it is meant to edify those who read what I write. I write because I enjoy the process, from thought to words-in-print. I write because I have something to say. I write because I must.

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