And, suddenly…!

In my youth, I was not a fan of science or mathematics. I took the classes because they were required for graduation, not because of any personal preference or interest. Despite my feelings concerning the subjects, I fared well academically–although I quickly dismissed the information once the tests were taken and passed. I was among those who boldly (or ignorantly–take your pick) declared I would never use this information in real life. In hindsight, I obviously had no idea what real life would require of me and how often some of those experiments and word problems would revisit me in later years. As God would have it, as an adult, I found myself in the role and responsibility of teaching math and test-taking strategies as a GED instructor. It remains one of the most rewarding roles of my life experience and through it, I was able to share the importance of gleaning all you can–even from subjects that don’t appear to be of value at the present time. I came to recognize the value of mathematics did not rest solely in the numbers; it was about the ability to reason and appropriately apply logic. Once I understood the basic tenants, I was able to unlock the mysteries of higher levels of math. Similarly, although I saw no future for me in agriculture, I am now able to reflect on the principles learned about seed, time, and harvest and apply that information to other areas of my life. Of all the experiments, planting seeds in soil and waiting for them to transform into plants above ground was the most mysterious; and, most amazing. The agony of wondering what was happening beneath the soil for days and weeks quickly faded as the tiniest sign of life pushed its way through and began sprouting.

I find myself reflecting on such things because I recently experienced an “and, suddenly” move of God. I suppose that is what happens when you expect a move of God (see The Year of Manifestation). As a result of taking Proverbs 3:6 to heart, my pathway is being made clearer, day-by-day. When you invite God to lead, and direct, and manifest, you position yourself to “see the salvation of the Lord (Exo 14:13)” in your life and the lives of others. For the purposes of today’s blog post, salvation refers to resolution, fulfillment, and answered petitions. Only the unyielded and spiritually blind are unable to see the movement of God. And, often, for the yielded, depending on our stage of spiritual maturity, we don’t acknowledge or recognize the movement until it has manifested.

Like anticipating the planted seed to rise from the soil with stem and leaves, we marvel at what appears above ground because the time between planting and sprouting is long and mysterious. This period of time is the testing time. Everything is being proven–the viability of the seed, the condition of the soil, the heart of the planter, and such. Time is a necessary component which must be respected. Time equals process. There is no transformation from one state (or stage) to the next without time or process. And, still, it is fascinating how something that takes and requires time seems to appear suddenly.

As my recent “and, suddenly” came into view, I found myself thinking Wow, just like that, huh God? And, it was as if God’s reply was Yep, just like that! So, when I hear “Suddenly,” performed by the New Birth Total Praise Choir of Alpharetta GA, featuring Vanessa Bell Armstrong, I rejoice in my encounters with God. Reflection and revisiting my petitions before God cause me to appreciate the need for the period of testing. Once you’ve come through the process of testing, your appreciation for it deepens. It does not mean you like the process; it simply means you recognize it is required–like math or science in grade school–as the foundation on which your future spiritual maturity is built. Because I believe God gives us what we need when we need it, I trust there will be more “and, suddenly” moments; in fact, I’m expecting there to be. ~WordsInPrint by Suni


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