Can do… Will do… Done…!

In case you didn’t know, I serve an awesome God! I am still basking in the glow of His grace extended to me concerning my desire to celebrate my recent birth-anniversary on the Island of Oahu (Hawaii). I returned to the States earlier this week. I hit the ground running and the combination of time zone difference and jetlag is slowly catching up with me. Despite my physical fatigue, the fresh memories–more indescribable, than not–have caused me to live in a new state of thankfulness (or, as I prefer to declare “thankFULLness”). To that end, my heart sings because my worship and appreciation are too deep for my words (YouTube: William McDowell, “My Heart Sings”). Now that I’ve gotten my praise on (hehehe), let me turn my attention to today’s post.

When I shared my intention to celebrate my birth-anniversary in the 50th state (dubbed Celebration Hawaii 50), the reaction was mixed. Most of those in my inner-circle thought it was a most exciting thing to do, and cheered me on–even enduring my nearly 50-days of counting down. However, there were a number who, rather loudly and with insistence, responded half-hearted and in disbelief. They expressed how this was a daunting undertaking; or, they exclaimed that I must be a baller with money to burn. These were also the folks who shared that they couldn’t see themselves doing such a thing. I did my best to turn their negative speech into positive and hopeful expressions, but I feel I failed to bring any of them around. Now, for those of you who fall in this latter category and are followers of Transparency Bloggin’ allow me to set you at ease. My purpose in disclosing is not to put you on blast (besides, no one will know if you don’t tell them–I certainly will protect the innocent by not mentioning names). Instead, my purpose is to address all who would dare to shut out hope before it has a chance to blossom and mature into manifestation. Surely you’ve heard: 2015 is the Year of Manifestation!

To say the least, I cannot let this go. To that end, allow me to share the process that led to the manifestation of Celebration Hawaii 50: In the two years leading up to 2015, I found myself thinking a lot about wanting to “do something big” for my upcoming milestone. Mommie often stressed the importance of taking vacations. This was sage advice I had not followed and was feeling the effects. I mentioned my desire to a few others who were birthed in 1965, but we never quite got around to solidifying any plans. It wasn’t until the middle of last year that I made up my mind and identified Hawaii as my celebration destination. I hadn’t saved any money, nor was I familiar with the travel planning process. Oh, but soon I would be communicating with a travel agent, sacrificing and depositing money into my special Vacation Account (now a permanent line item on the annual budget). Well, since you know I cannot tell a short story, let me jump to the good part. Because I prayed, believed and acted on my heart’s desire, God met me more than half-way. In fact, other than the research fee and initial deposit, none of my set-aside funds were used to pay for the actual trip. Instead, as if God were waiting for me to dream big, He revealed a source I didn’t even know existed. There were hoops to jump through (by man’s standards), but when the dust settled, by early-October the package was paid for. I was only left with the task of saving towards eating and spending money. God did that! So, to those who said, “I can’t do that…!” I say, you’re right, but you don’t have to be. Allow me to encourage you with these five words: Can do; will do; done!

My heart’s desire went from dream to manifestation because I trusted the word of God, and believed that I could research, reach out and sacrifice to the point of realizing my dream. It came to pass because I expected it would, I did my part to ensure it would, and I allowed God to do the part that was out of my control (oh, and believe me, too much happened on the road to manifestation that could have, and should have, put an end to the dream—but God!). So, as briefly as I can, here is the formula/strategy I used to get from dream to manifestation:

Meditate on His word. Make your daily affirmation: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippans 4:13).” In this vein, the “all things” isn’t about being able to afford the trip. Instead, it is being able to believe for the desired outcome and take the necessary action steps to meet the goal. When can do becomes did do you’ll find yourself celebrating all the time. What Christ strengthened me to do was set aside the money and keep my hands off it. And trust me, that took A LOT of strength!

Take God at His word. The scriptures bear record of Jesus making His disciples a promise. For example, in John 14:13-15, He says “And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” For those who have older siblings, you should be able to relate. Jesus is our “big brother”, and as such He is poised to go to bat for us to ensure we get those things we desire—those things we’re willing to believe Him for. Because He will do everything He promised, there is nothing He won’t do to bring it to pass—including using unlikely sources to bless you. This is a good place to shout “Won’t He will!”

Consider it done. When you make your desire known to God in prayer, move with expectation. Prepare to receive your petition. Start packing, start making room, plan with that thing in mind. Jesus said, ‘The things which are impossible with men are possible with God’ (Luke 18:27)”. Therefore, if it’s possible it is yours for the asking! That, I believe, is why Paul was able to begin his benediction with: “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think,… (Ephesians 3:20-21).” The One who is able to do will get it done! The exceeding abundantly above all is God’s part; the asking and thinking is ours.

While you’re considering these passages of scripture, also check out: Isa 65:24, Mal 3:10-12, Rom 4:17, Mat 28:18 and Mar 9:14-29. When you find yourself doubting or speaking negatively before you even give the idea a chance, it is a clear indication that your “god” or your view of God is not big enough. The good news is God does not expect you to do it all in your strength, or all alone. He will provide you with information (do the research), support (don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends for assistance), and the ability to sacrifice without neglecting your responsibilities. This is not about robbing Peter to pay for Hawaii. It is about identifying what you have that can be better served to meet your goal (Starbucks and McDonald’s will not go out of business while you handle your business—IJS).

Expand your thinking horizon. Nike said it best, “Just Do It!” “Only believe,” was the way Jesus put it (Mar 5:36; Luk 8:50). I say: Can do…, Will do…, Done! –WordsInPrint by Suni

On Another Note: Beginning in February, Transparency Bloggin’ will post four times each month on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. See you in nine days!


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