Think about it…

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things (Philippians 4:8, NIV).”

“Think and Grow Rich…!” “Think Big…!” “Think Yourself Thin…!” These are titles of books which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies (and more). Their concepts weren’t truly new when they were published. The authors simply shared what had worked for them in hopes of helping someone else achieve success. Just as King Solomon stated there’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), the same is true for the transforming power of our thoughts. The Original Author dictated divine instructions long before Napoleon Hill, Ben Carson or Debbie Johnson thought to share their insights.

Similar to the admonition of keeping your mouth shut if you don’t have anything good to say, thinking good thoughts are more advantageous than thinking negatively. Both options–to think good, or to think negative–produce in like fashion. Good thoughts fuel positive energy and reproduce more good thoughts; negative (or evil) thoughts fuel negative energy and reproduce more negative thoughts. The difference in the two is what they do for the thinker. Good, positive thoughts are liberating. They lead the thinker to relief, joy and a peaceful state. In contrast, negative thoughts lead to depression, gloom and bondage. There is no freedom in negative thinking.

So, take the shackles off your mind by thinking of what produces more good (see above). Just as easily as you change the channel when foolishness appears on the television screen, change the thought pattern of your mind. Choose to think positively, with hope and faith. Choose to believe the best about yourself and others. Choose to surround yourself with other positive thinkers, and watch with expectation for the good to outweigh and overcome the negative. Allow your thoughts to manifest into positive results all around you. At the very least, won’t you think about it…? –WordsInPrint by Suni

Closing prayer: Creator God, let the spring cleaning begin, and let it begin with me. Thank You, in advance, for searching my heart on a daily basis and turning Your light of truth on me. Help me not to fool myself into thinking I’m all that apart from You. I know You’ll make me clean, indeed…! In Jesus’ name we pray, believing the things we ask we already have. Amen.

First published March 29, 2011 as FB Note

2 thoughts on “Think about it…

  1. Omgosh! Bridgette u should write a book.u don’t realize how my stupid mistake has left me down.yet so much u have encounter I’m going thru.I didn’t know just how much u encountered but thru GOD this is why I felt the need to reach out to u and ask that u help in mentoring fill me with the Lord as u have learned urself.for u I’m thankful that u agreed.I love you sister in Christ.


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