Syncing or Sinking…?

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10b, NKJV).

Like many folks of my generation, I was reluctant to jump on the cyberspace bandwagon. I purchased my first cell phone in 1999 because my employer partnered with Sprint to offer a great discount, but it took me until a year ago to transition to a smartphone. For years, I struggled with completing my taxes using paper forms and instruction booklets. Just five years ago, I transitioned from TurboTax on CD to e-filing (I won’t even tell you how long it took to select direct deposit over a paper check). I resisted on-line shopping for as long as I could, but I now prefer cyber sales over the madness of in-store inventory shortages. For all my reluctance, I recently stepped a little bit further into the 21st Century when I received the gift of a Kindle Fire e-Reader. As I’m getting to know its features, I learned that I could access my books on multiple devices—the Kindle, my smartphone, and any computer. The process that allows me to keep reading without losing my place is called syncing. As I was getting ready for work the other day a related thought popped in my head that I just couldn’t shake. Of course, that thought led me to other thoughts which led me to the dictionary, thesaurus, and the bible. All of that led me to the keyboard and the result is today’s post: If you’re not syncing, you’re sinking.

“Sync” is said to have entered the English language in 1929 as a noun, and 1945 as a verb. Its longer version is “synchronize,” which means to cause to agree in time or to make happen at the same time and speed. What a profound way to look at our relationship to the Creator and eternity—through the lens of synchronization. The thesaurus offered concur, jibe, agree, harmonize, match and acquiesce (among others) as synonyms. So many biblical passages came to mind as I pondered the idea of being in sync—beginning with “Your will be done, in the Earth as it is in Heaven.” We learned the model prayer as children—its words, but not so much its meaning. If the latter were true, how much different the world would be.

As reluctant as I have been to take on technology full-force, I must admit I have also resisted yielding to the will of God. Perhaps it is for the same reason—fear of the unknown, and an inability to be in total control. Hearing this admonition in the spirit has caused me to return my attention to understanding the importance of being in sync.

While not using the modern-day word, the bible addresses the idea of being in sync throughout its passages. It wasn’t actually the model prayer that first came to mind; it was the recollection of Jesus inviting Peter to join Him as He walked on the water (Matthew 14:25-29). As Peter exited the boat, the scripture states “he walked on the water to go to Jesus.” However, at some point, he began to focus on the wind storm and found himself battling the waves. He was no longer syncing, but sinking. Next, I thought about Jonah and how his decision to disobey the will of God landed him in the belly of a large fish (Jonah 1:1-2:10). It wasn’t until Jonah repented and expressed an understanding of the will of God—salvation for all—that he was released from the fish’s guts. Both Peter and Jonah struggled with being in sync with God—as do I (and you, too). In their cases, and ours, God provided grace to keep and cover them long enough for them to come face-to-face with the error of their ways. Peter repented and went on to do mighty work in the Kingdom. However, we don’t get the pleasure of knowing what happened with Jonah. We only know he was disappointed in the sovereignty of God. It appears he did not quite live in sync with the will of God.

I don’t want my story to end (or not end) like Jonah’s did. I’ve already experienced the joy of walking with Christ in victory, and crying out in distress for Him to rescue me. I want less of the distress and more victory. I trust that will only come as I commit to daily syncing up with God in prayer, study of His word and quiet, quality alone time meditation. In doing so, I will experience less sinking down into despair or discouragement. There is power in being on one accord with the will of God. I’ve expressed my choice. What about you? Will you sync or sink? The choice is yours. –WordsInPrint by Suni

Final Note: The principle of being in sync appears in other passages: Isaiah 1:18; Amos 3:3; Mark 10:8; John 15:4-5; John 17:21-23, to name a few. Use these to begin a routine of syncing up with God on a daily basis.

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